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My name is Carola, and I travel solo and full-time. Sometimes I stay in a place for just a few days; often I will explore regions in depth for a few months. Why fly when you can take buses, trains, and boats…

This blog is my digital travel brain – part diary but mostly a collection of comprehensive guides on destinations I have visited and travel know-how I have acquired in years of traveling on and off the beaten path.

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Malaysia is truly Asia as it’s a melting pot of cultures from all over the continent.


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Traveling and even more so backpacking East Timor is more challenging than you’ll find it in most other destinations in Southeast Asia. Information is scarce. So is local transport. And to boot things are constantly changing. This travel/backpacking guide for


Oecusse (or Oecussi or Okusi or Oe-Cusse or Oecussi-Ambeno) is an East Timorese enclave on Indonesian West Timor with a population of about 70,000 on 814 km². It seems surprising that through the centuries it has remained part of Timor-Leste rather


The border region in the West of East Timor is one of the most remote areas of the country. The one main road is hard to navigate, narrow, and full of potholes as soon you turn left from the northern


The coast West of the capital offers East Timor favorite must-sees: uncrowded beaches, cliffs, colonial history. Thanks to solid minibus coverage, the stretch between Tasi Tolu, Liquica, and Maubara Fort lends itself to one or several day trips from Dili. Tasi


One of the best-kept secrets about Timor Leste is her distinction as a producer of some of the world’s best coffee. East Timor coffee might only account for 1% of the global coffee production but I loved the smooth, slightly


If you’re using the Southern border crossing with West Timor, Suai is the first city you’ll get to, 30 km into East Timor. At first glance, the largest city on East Timor’s Southern coast offers more of the same as the


As you set out from Taibissi bus station and make your way along the road from Dili into the mountains, you’ll notice motorcycles and anggunas proudly decorated with the red/black/yellow Timor-Leste flags pass you by. Those vehicles are most likely


Jaco is a sacred island in the far East of Timor Leste. Along with East Timor’s largest lake, Ila Lalaro, it is part of the country’s first conservation area, Nino Konis Santana National Park. Beyond the remote island off Valu Sere


Explore East Timor's Northeastern coast along a stunning coastal road that runs right along uncrowded beaches, rice fields, and bushland. Visit the country's second city, Baucau, and beach resort Com with a quick stop at the Lautem Fort. Baucau Baucau is East


After Dili, Pulau Atauro is the second most visited region of East Timor. The island sits just off the coast of Dili and offers prime diving plus off the grid hiking. Diving on Atauro The main reason why people visit East Timor


Dili, East Timor’s capital at the Northern coast is without a doubt the most-visited part of the country. It’s a great place for diving and to explore the country’s history, as well as a hub for travel into all the


Is there any backpacking in Southeast Asia off the beaten path left? Yes! Travel East Timor, a destination full of gems that few backpackers have explored!

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