Carola and Africa on a globe, Murchison Falls National Park, Uganda (2012-05)

Below you’ll find a global map of all the places I have traveled as I go along. And then there are continent maps with all the countries I have published blog posts about. Simply click on the country you’re interested in and you’ll be taken to an archive with the respective blog posts. I’m still adding blog posts on places I’ve traveled before

And some travels I have never written about:

Long before there was a website I was an au-pair in the USA. I visited lots of the big cities in the East and at the end, I did a 1-month road trip cross-country from San Francisco to New York City.¬†Another one would be my first visit to Asia: a whirlwind 7 days in Tokyo (Japan) on a VIP trip with ONE. And that’s a story I might never write about…

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